April 9, 2023

Diversifying in Uncertain Times

Chris Lubell

Unsure where to place your Covid-19 investments? Perhaps it's time to broaden your portfolio with a Participating Whole Life policy.

The Covid-19 outbreak and widespread social unrest have ushered in a period of unprecedented uncertainty, which has fueled worries about the world economy and stock market volatility. Many people are unsure if their investments are strong enough to withstand the turbulence of the present and any potential future instability due to disputes between China and both Canada and the United States, as well as a new recession that is just around the corner.

To safeguard the financial security of both you and your children in the future, it may be important to diversify your assets through a Participating Whole Life insurance. Due to their consistent returns, the current generation of Par Whole Life plans is now regarded as a distinct asset class. It's crucial to note that Participating Whole Life policies now have new features that weren't available to them. The following is a list of changes to these policies:

  • a steady rate of return that is on par with or higher than investments of the same length that are fixed income or bond-type investments;
  • an investment that is guaranteed to grow in value annually, so it won't lose value due to fluctuations in the market;
  • Tax-advantaged means that the growth of your investment is tax-deferred or even tax-free;
  • Liquidity: You have multiple ways to access your investment, some of which are tax-free;
  • A greater degree of deposit flexibility is now possible with some Par Whole Life Policies, which was previously not possible;
  • This investment may be shielded from creditors' or litigants' claims;
  • Your annual investment amount may be made on your behalf if you become handicapped, and you'd never have to pay it back.

A Participating Whole Life policy will make sure that your family is safeguarded from the unpredictability of death in addition to being a feasible solution for investment diversification. This kind of policy's death benefit will always rise thanks to the reinvestment of policy dividends.

If you are unsure of where to invest additional assets or if your investments are keeping you up at night because of these extraordinary times, get in touch. As always, feel free to spread this information to anyone you believe would be interested in it.

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