April 14, 2023

Don’t Qualify For Traditional Life Insurance? Consider These Options

Chris Lubell

It goes without saying that those who are eligible for standard life insurance, critical sickness insurance, and disability insurance receive fantastic advantages from their policies. These plans enable people to safeguard their families, their companies, and their way of life from unforeseen events that can disturb them. Unfortunately, those who have major health issues and may require life insurance the most are frequently excluded from these policies.
Two additional insurance options were provided a number of years ago to help protect persons who could have been overlooked when it comes to life insurance. One of two insurance product categories—guaranteed issue or simplified issue—includes these two new products.

Assurance of Issue

A small whole life insurance policy with no health requirements is known as guaranteed issue life insurance. This kind of insurance is typically utilised for those with terminal conditions who may have no other options.
Let's look further to see what advantages and disadvantages you should think about before to acquiring a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

Policy Advantages

As previously indicated, there are no medical requirements for this kind of policy, so you can purchase it without having to answer any health-related questions, give an insurance company access to your medical information, or get a physical. This would seem especially enticing if you have previously applied for life insurance but were rejected due to a medical condition.
But this is where things get a little tricky: Your beneficiaries must wait two or three years before they can collect the death benefit. This is done in an effort to discourage people from buying this policy when the policyholder's demise is more likely. If customers paid a small amount of premiums before passing away and then left their beneficiaries a sizable inheritance, the business model could not continue.
However, the insurance provider will pay the policy's beneficiaries the premiums plus about 10% interest if the policyholder does pass away during the first two to three years.

Policy Issues

These insurance policies are typically quite pricey. Although buying this policy makes sense if you are unwell, it is typically the last choice for those seeking for life insurance. Make sure you don't qualify for any other life insurance or critical illness insurance plans to make sure this is your best alternative. Some policies that need medical underwriting have cheaper premiums and provide quick death payouts.

Simple Problem

This kind of insurance can immediately provide coverage and does not necessitate a medical examination for candidates. You might only need to respond to a few questions about your health in place of visiting the doctor or supplying medical records.

Policy Advantages

To obtain a loan or for a commercial issue, people must have their application for a policy approved very away. For whatever reason, if you suddenly find yourself in need of insurance, this kind of coverage might be right for you.

Policy Issues

In comparison to other life insurance options, these policies are often less versatile in terms of their coverage or other options. Additionally, they cost more than other types of life insurance policies. There are restrictions on how much coverage you can buy in total, and these plans normally have a maximum issue amount of $500,000.

Calmness of mind

These two varieties of life insurance are excellent choices for anyone who could be dealing with underlying health difficulties and may require a coverage right now. These policies are good solutions for certain people even if they could be a little more expensive and have less flexible options than traditional insurance.

Please get in touch with us right away if you think you might be a candidate for this kind of policy. As always, feel free to spread the word about this post to anyone you think might be interested.

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